Pair Companionship

You have a story. And a history. Not only as a couple but also a part of a relationship, as an individual. And this (hi)story makes you unique. Unfortunately some or most of us have a history which includes more or less pain, suffering and damages. This imprinting might cause misunderstandings and pain in relationships and marriages. For a long-term period it can lead to fear, mistrust and jealousy that are not easily to get rid of and become an enormous ballast on our shoulders and for the relationship we’re in. Good advices from our friends and close ones might be confirming, but not necessarily helpful and supportive.

With me Coaching and Companionship go hand in hand. In order to find a way that leads ahead I’d like to take a look in the past with you. Sometimes there are lying hidden violations – but treasures as well. Those treasures are of a high value and there to be set free. They can be of great significance for your future. Take the step! You only can win.