How does a free wedding ceremony work?

As you like. You decide how long, where, when and with who you want your ceremony. You just let me know which contents you would like to have and what is important to you.
Normally there is the entry of the bride, a welcome part, the speech, maybe personal marriage promises, the ceremony itself, exchange of the rings and of course – the kiss. If you like there can be words of blesses and the exit of the couple. All of that might be enriched with music, poems etc. You are completely free in creation.
The duration is – depending on the contents – about an hour or one and a half. But still it is your decision.

How do we know you are the right speaker for us?

In case you can imagine the three of us working together we will make a completely unconditional get together – just to get to know each other. And since it is easier to speak with a delicious dinner and a glass of wine – we just do that. You are invited. My husband Michael is a fabulous and passionate cook and he loves international kitchen. So it will be really uncomplicated for all of us.
After that you will know if this will fit with us.
It is really important that the “chemistry” is right on both sides. And I will not blame anyone if you walk out and decide to search for another speaker.

Does a wedding speaker replace a pastor or priest?

Overall – yes. I can fill the wedding with Christian and biblical – if that is important for you – or free from any religious contents. One doesn’t exclude the other though. You’ll still have to get your marriage certificate from the registry office, since you are only married officially with a marriage certificate by a German authority, signed by both of you and the marriage registrar.

Is a bi-lingual wedding in German and English possible?

Also yes. I’d prefer a wedding ceremony in only one language though, since translations take a lot of time and this would lengthen the wedding enormously. Also the flow of the speech would constantly be interrupted caused by the switch from German to English and back. But nothing is impossible. It’s all a matter of organization. We’ll find a clue.

When does a Coaching/Pair companionship make sense to you?

The reasons are quite different, but I think, competent counselling makes sense when either one or both of you came to a dead end. Or you are searching for answers in your relationship and find none. That is actually not bad and completely normal, but unfortunately in most cases couples wait way too long to ask for help from outside. My experience is that often in one or two sessions couples can get a very new sight on their situation and see things much clearer. A neutral, unprejudiced point of view can sometimes help easily.

How do you work as a coach/pair companion?

To build a trustful situation is the main subject. Important is you or you both come by your own free will. It’s not helpful at all to force someone to get help, it might end up disappointing.
Usually a trustful basis comes up quickly. I listen to you carefully and take everyone serious. I try to go along with you on your way to a solution, that you might find on your own. Pointed and maybe challenging questions are one instrument I work with. Maybe I probe you. That could feel uncomfortable for a moment, but it helps to get to the point.