About me


We need love as we need air to breathe. I am into this subject since a long long time. And there is actually nothing more beauty-ful to me than couples who have a happy and fulfilled relationship. If this leads into a marriage – this unconditional YES to each other – to me then this is just pure joy.

Love contains so many features. And I grab them all, those colours and pictures of love. I sympathize and empathize and therefore I can meet each couple at its needs.

Poetry and depth build a unity in me and let unforeseen and amazing blossom. I want to surprise, excite, refresh, cheer up and inspire.

My study of Psychology highlights it all, since profession belongs to my calling as much as passion, experience, humor, good rhetoric and personal development. Who’d like to read more of me, please feel free to reed in my Blog.

About my passion

Ilove to speak in pictures. We all are open for pictures. The theatre in our head lets us create unlimited imaginations, in both good and bad ways.

When I speak in seminars about partnership and marriage after a break I do something unexpected, something weird. I come back into the room, but this time in home wear and with a cleaning mask on my face. The reactions are diverse. Some of the guests are amused, smirk, whisper with their partner or friend they came with; others are indignant, embarrassedly touched, questioning, and others are just shaking their heads. Some don’t even know it’s me on their first sight and are, once they realize me, appalled.
My son, my biggest critic, just meant, I cannot do that. Actually, my mum used to teach me, never ever to have my man seen me like this. NO? Why not?